Makeup Artist & Sfx Makeup Artist  

                                                   Miranda Sweeden  





  • Applying Prosthetics  

  • On Set Makeup 

  • Special Effects 

  • Airbrush 

  • Natural Beauty  

  • Basic Hair  

  • Sculpting  

  • Molding 


Film/Television/ Music Videos:

Feature Film           Chop Chop            Sfx Makeup Artist

Music Video    We're Not The Sick Ones   Sfx Makeup Artist

Trailor                   Horrorwelt                Makeup Artist

Feature Film           The Drs Monster      Makeup Artist  

Web Series              The Z Virus          Sfx Makeup Artist 

                                Ghost Stories        Sfx Makeup Artist 



 Marika Magazine- Men's              Makeup Artist   Photographer: Courtney Marsell

 Marika Magazine -Fine Art    Sfx Makeup Artist   Photographer: Angellica Giordanella

  Nomadic Lens Magazine             Makeup Artist     Photographer: Courtney Marsell

  The Artsy Snaps Magazine         Makeup Artist     Photographer: Courtney Marsell

  Golden Exposure Magazine        Makeup Artist     Photographer: Courtney Marsell

  The Definition Cosplay Magazine Vol #6    Sfx Makeup Artist   Photographer: Rawl Paredes  

  Sanctuary Magazine Vol #36     Sfx Makeup Artist       Photographer: Secret Society of Monsters 

  Veneno Magazine                   Sfx Makeup Artist           Photographer: Sandra Bryan  




  A Winter Fairy Tale               Head Makeup Artist           Play at Red Wood Elementary School

  Rumpus in the Rainforest     Head Makeup Artist           Play at Red Wood Elementary School    

  Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr/Head Sfx Makeup Artist/ Play at Hesperia Christain School   

  Disney’s Aladdin Jr               Head Sfx Makeup Artist      Play at Hesperia Christian School  



 Cyberpunk                                 Sfx Makeup Artist     Photographer: Virgil Miller

 Ahs Apocolypse poster inspo   Sfx Makeup Artist      Photographer: Wendy Smith

  Medusa                                     Sfx Makeup Artist      Photographer: Virgil Miller

  Vampire Couple                          Makeup Artist          Photographer: Courtney Marsell

  Dark Angel                                  Makeup Artist          Photographer: Angelica Giordanella

  White Queen                               Makeup Artist           Photographer: Angelica Giordanella

  Candy Man                                 Sfx Makeup Artist      Photographer: Angelica Giordanella

  Voodoo Priestess                      Sfx Makeup Artist      Photographer: Angelica Giordanella

  Bat                                             Sfx Makeup Artist      Photographer: Angelica Giordanella

  #1 Medusa                                Sfx Makeup Artist      Photographer: Angelica Giordanella

 Firing all Cylinders Band         Sfx Makeup Artist      Photographer: Matt Upton

   Ghost Girl                                Sfx Makeup Artist      Photographer: Virgil Miller

   Geisha                   Sfx Makeup Artist            Shibari Group Shoot for Elite modeling events         Photographers: Michael R Keller & BellaMortepho

   Marinette Harley        Sfx Makeup Artist       Shibari Group Shoot for Elite modeling events         Photographers: Michael R Keller & BellaMortephoto

   Witch                                          Sfx Makeup Artist     Photographer: Mickey Imbroane

  Lady Death                                Sfx Makeup Artist      Photographer: Rawl Paredes

  Scary Christmas 2018           Sfx Makeup Artist       Photographer: Matt Martinez 

  Fallen Angel                               Sfx Makeup Artist           Photographer: Aaron Malone 

  Scary Christmas 2017               Sfx Makeup Artist           Photographer: Matt Martinez  

  Flyers for October 2016          Sfx Makeup Artist         Advertisements for All Saints Lunatic Asylum                          Photographer: Sara Kathleen 


Professional Experience/ Events: 

 Phantom Zone Efx YouTube Demo  "Infected Makeup"      April 2020

  Redwood Elementary makeup demos for career day     May 2019

Monserpalooza makeup demo        "Motherboard"            April 2019

 Prom expo at Serrano high school                                     April 2019 

  Flatline Tv makeup demo tribute to the 50th anniversary of The Night of the Living Dead               October 2018 

  Midsummer Scream horror convention cosplay characters   July 2018  

 “Every 15 Minutes” program at Excelsior Charter School      April 2018  

  Monserpalooza makeup demo for Reel Creations Inc, booth     "The Blair Witch"                                April 2018 

  Nerdbotcon makeup demo for Phantom Zone Efx booth     "Head Crab Zombie"                    September 2017 

  Midsummer Scream horror convention cosplay characters   July 2017 

 Christmas at the Asylum All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction                         Christmas Haunt 2016 

  Superstitions All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction                                       Friday the 13th Haunt  

  Easter All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction           Easter Haunt 2016 

  Santa’s Slay All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction                                      Christmas Haunt 2015  

  All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction                     Halloween Haunt 2014  


Education/ Certifications :  

April Love Pro Makeup Academy (San Gabriel, CA)   

  • Pro Makeup Artistry Program 15 weeks  

Certificate received on November 2nd 2014 

  • Character & Special Effects 11 weeks 

Certificate received on August 10th 2014